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One year ago WriteRight officially launched its online creative writing ‘classes’, a series of structured sessions for anyone who wants to write.

Are they working? Yes, I’m delighted to say they are going from strength to strength, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching several writers develop and hone their writing skills.


I found the course enjoyable and very worthwhile. The technical feedback and observations about aspects of my writing was, and continues to be, incredibly helpful. The best thing about having completed the course is the restoration of my confidence in my own abilities as a writer. Thanks Anne. (Colin, UK)

I’d been offering this option informally for a long time before I decided to add it to the ‘official’ programme of services, but more and more people were approaching me for help and advice about writing in general, rather than having a specific project at one of the editing stages.

The result was the development of two courses: Writing Short Fiction, and Novel Writing 1. Both offer either 6 or 10 sessions, at the core of which is a set of brief notes (the emphasis is on the practice of writing rather than deep theory), an assignment, and detailed constructive feedback.


If you're considering a WriteRight programme, please do yourself a favour and sign up IMMEDIATELY. I took the 10 week Short fiction programme and it was one of the best investments I've ever made. Anne was meticulous in her guidance, inspiring in her approach and created a safe space for me to unleash my creative juices. The programme boosted my confidence in my abilities and equipped me with the tools to make me fall in love with writing again. Fast forward 1 year later, I am working on the final draft of a children's book! This wouldn't have been possible, had it not been for this programme. (Fidan, UAE)

How does it work?

Calling them creative writing ‘classes’ is a bit of a misnomer. Generally, the programme is one-to-one, although in a couple of cases it’s been twos, or a group of three (at the participants’ request). This means that while people initially sign up to a specific programme, once we’ve identified their requirements and experience, I can adapt the sessions to ensure they’re fully bespoke – a sort of ‘mix ‘n’ match’ if you like! It also means there’s no fixed start and end dates – great if the day job gets in the way or you need a break, because you’re not stressed about missing work or wasting money!

I have been participating in Anne’s creative writing classes for several years. I was always a very active reader but, Anne’s wonderful incite, passion, enthusiasm, and skill has now brought out many attempts at writing too. She truly is a gift and gently pushes one to challenge one’s self, all the while still having fun! I highly recommend her programmes for all levels of learning.” (Sandy, Texas, USA)

Why sign up to a class?

Much of being an author is writing into the void, working alone, trying to keep motivated, reach deadlines, ignore dips in confidence and imposter syndrome (‘But I’m not really a writer…’ Yes you are; if you’re writing, you’re a writer) and remembering to celebrate all the achievements along the way….

Sometimes you just need a mentor, a cheer-leader, a devil’s advocate or even a stern disciplinarian – take your pick – to work on that writing dream.

Anne has been helping me now for four years and is both professional and
fun to work with. I always wanted to try creative writing but with a
barely scraped through O level in English literature, I had little
confidence. Anne has given me that confidence. Her feedback is
constructive and meticulous and witty.  It has been a revelation to see
how fiction 'works' by following Anne's courses and my reading of it is
so much more enjoyable as a result. AND I have written a novella and am
working on my second one! (Jackie, Montrose, Scotland)

Who does the courses?

Beginners. Improvers. The curious (‘I’ve always wanted to write but…) The cautious (‘Can I write?) The flummoxed (‘Where do I start?’) The frustrated (‘I’m stuck! How do I make this novel work!’) Basically, anyone who likes, or thinks they might like, to write.


As writers, rejection is often just around the corner, and we’re not good about celebrating the little successes. So this post is both recognition of something that is (I think) working, and a big thank you to all the writers who have been part of this WriteRight journey so far. Here’s to the next year!

Anne x

PS Of course it’s shameless self-promotion too – so do get in touch if you think you’d like to join in! There’s 10% off til the next blog post (end of May).


The Lost Town of Man's Crossing - Katrina Hart
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