answersAm I guaranteed a service?

WriteRight is a small agency offering individually tailored editing and mentoring services, therefore there is a limit to how many writers can be supported successfully at any one time.  At the initial consultation, you will be made aware whether the service you require is immediately available and if not, how long it may take to provide it – obviously you are under no obligation to wait.


How do I receive my feedback?

Your manuscript and/or assignments will be returned in Microsoft Word with all the editor's / mentor's comments visible page by page.  There will also be a detailed summary at the end of the manuscript or at the end of each chapter, as appropriate.

Telephone support is also availabe - as is face to face meeting if logistically possible!


How long will it take to get my feedback? 

This depends on the service required and will be agreed between us at the consultation stage. For example, an Initial Read-Through and Comments will take up to 2 weeks, or if you choose one of our Writing Courses, your feedback will be weekly. 


Does WriteRight offer a proofreading service?

Whilst an unofficial proofread will comprise part of any development edit, WriteRight is not a professional proofreading service. However, we can recommend an excellent proofreader. See 'Links'.


Can WriteRight find me an agent or publisher?

WriteRight can assist you in making your manuscript as good as it can be and ensuring it is of sufficient standard for submission to an agent or publisher. WriteRight can also give advice on how to find and approach an agent/publisher in your genre, and assist you in your submission package i.e. synopsis and query letter. It is your responsibility to decide who to approach and to make that approach.  Publishing is a highly competitive business and, regrettably, you should be prepared for some rejections, however good your work.


Can WriteRight help me e-publish my book? 

Once your manuscript is fully edited, WriteRight can recommend an excellent eBook pulishing service. See 'Links'.

Does WriteRightoffer writing classes?

Yes!  Both our standard and bespoke writing courses are very popular. All are on a one-to-one basis.

How do I make a payment?

Payments, which can be on an instalment basis, may be made via BACS, cheque of PayPal.