Ten Writing(ish) Things

Who doesn't love a good list.

Even better, who doesn't love a good end of year list: life hacks and lessons learned; things done, things discarded, and those yet to do. 


Here are my 10 wriitng(ish) things on a list


1     Do the thing you really don't want to do first

2     Reading for its own sake (not for learning,  not for editing, not for work) is good

3     Lockdown is a great leveller and has produced the best in the writing community

4     Sophie Hannah's gnocchi method is a real thing and suits perfectly the way I write

5     NanoWriMo is also a thing - that doesn't. (Still works though - I did 55000 words)

6     I'm the world's longest emerging writer. Will someone please give me a final shove?

7     Tittynope and tarradiddle are not just brilliant words; they're ones I can use daily

8     I need to care far less about external validation

9     'BEING - Doing - Having' is a happier place to be than 'Doing - Having - BEING'

10   After everything, the glass  is still half full.



Happy New Year. Find the happy, find the hope, be safe.

Anne x



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Monday, 17 May 2021

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