New Year, New Start?

A very happy, if belated, new year to you all!

I'm not sure how we can be thirteen days into January and this is my first posting for a month.  So much for that new year, new start philosophy in which I intended to get ahead in all things writing/work/study... Still, a wonderful Christmas with Simon and yes, he did wear a little Santa suit despite my protestations about dressing babies up.  It's all Julie's fault for seeing it in the charity shop window, and it was just the right size, and, and, and, excuses galore... but: cute or what????

And the stocking is All My Own Work, yes I know, I should stick to writing.  But I'm proud of it.  Oh dear, doting mother moment!

It seems that quite a lot of people gave or got A Blonde Bengali Wife for Christmas; sales from Alaska to Nicaragua, from the south of England to the north of Scotland.  Not all of them will become doorstops or fly-flatteners, surely!
New Year, New Start?
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Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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