2pm (UK time)

Finally - well, the launch of Simon always had to take priority - the publication date for A Blonde Bengali Wife is less than a week away!

The first event is on 15 October and that is the cyber launch. It's an all-day blog event where people can stop by and post comments/questions about me and the book--and I'll answer them. The owner of the blog will pick one person who made a comment to win a prize which will be a copy of the book.

This event starts at 2pm our time so I'll make my first "appearance" as soon as it starts and will keep checking in throughout the day.  So please visit the site, join me there. leave a comment or ask a question - and offer some plain old moral support!

Visit the blog now for an idea of how this works. Be sure to read the blog post and the comments that follow....

Look forward to 'seeing' you there...
Rangmati, February 2002
Chittagong, February 2002


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Sunday, 27 September 2020

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